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This Extraordinary Life 2012 (a continuation of How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Quit Your Job)

I don’t mean to boast but this past year has been my best yet and here’s why. I left a job that I was not completely happy with and I fulfilled my desire to have more time. After leaving my job I was instantly “Time Rich” and found a new freedom I had not felt since I was a kid so I followed my heart and started traveling. Nearly six months have passed since my new start and there has been a fundamental shift in how I value time and the freedom to do as I please. Many of my possessions have been sold, expenses have been cut and luxuries I once enjoyed have become less important, now I’ve come to value experiences above all else.

This year I will have traveled for pleasure around 130 days, a number I never would have dreamed of before. Some of my favorite travels have been skiing Jackson Hole for the first time, learning to slalom water ski in Ohio, motorcycling along the West Coast of the US, touring China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. I’ve been working to be more present and enjoy where I’m at and every time I stop and look at where I’ve come from and where I’m at I think, “Wow! I love this life!”. The second step for me has been enjoying my time and learning what really makes me happy while still supporting myself. I now operate a Grand Photo Booth Company with my two brothers, I’ve got plans to start a new venture soon and I work as part of the contract event management staff at Human Movement Management where I help put on events and make other people happy (a huge thanks to Jillian for thinking of me for the position).

This upcoming year I hope to complete more life goals, here are a few I’d like to share, so when you see me you can ask how I’m doing and keep me on track.

1. Learn at least one song on the piano
2. Visit at least four new countries (I’m thinking South America)
3. Learn more Spanish (I heard Fluenz Spanish is the way to go)
4. Become better at travel hacking
5. Learn how to tie useful knots
6. Fix this website so that I can post photos with stories again

I have more but they are secret for now.

If you feel like you are ready for a change and want some inspiration I would suggestion The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss and The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Gilabeau. A note of caution I’ve met a lot of people who after reading these books have found the inspiration to quit their job and create a new life on their terms including myself.

I thank all of you who have subscribed, donated, visited and commented on my blog. If there is anything I can do to help make your life more extraordinary I would love to help. Here’s to making next year even better.

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  • Lorenso

    Are you all on your way back to the good old U S of A or are you already back? Jeanette and I loved reading about your adventures. Take care and regards to Toby and Fo!