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In Case of Zombie Apocalypse in China

There I was standing on the street in Nanning, China waiting for the number 6 bus to take me back to the hostel and BAM! some dude running to his bus stomps in the huge puddle right next to me and I’m splashed with a generous amount of murky rainwater that has been stewing in a garbage filled planter […]

1.4 Billion potential zombies.

HK View

48 Hours in Hong Kong 3

Here is what Toby and I did on a small budget with limited time in Hong Kong, start to finish. Thanks to Ruth and Cyrus for the travel tips. Arrival, Shenzhen Train station made our way out through Chinese customs and in through Hong Kong Customs, it was a little odd to me because both […]

Thanksgiving in Shanghai 1

After more sight seeing in Beijing we left on an overnight bullet train to Shanghai, around 8 hours to travel 800 miles. The weather in Shanghai was was overcast almost everyday but we were happy because the temperatures were much warmer than chilly Beijing. We were still overcoming a near terminal case of jetlag where […]

Sunny Shanghai Skyline

Beijing at night

Travel Checklist 1

I’ve been asked a lot so here’s how I’ve prepared for my current travels in China & SE Asia, the trip will be around two months so there is a lot to prep for. MONEY This is very important, how will I get cash and make purchases while traveling and avoid as many fees as possible. For ATM […]

Welcome to the China Club 1

So here’s where I’m at so far, the 18 hours of travel to arrive in Beijing were exhausting then it took another two hours to find our way to Leo Hostel. The jetlag has been brutal and after a short day of sightseeing around Tian Amin Square yesterday I crashed for a nap around 6pm and […]

It was so cool to see this square in person, there was lots of security cameras and guards around. Tien Amin Square is still a sore subject.

These are so much cooler in person.

Adventures in the Life of Flip 2

Hello everybody! So sorry for my lack of posts, these great posts do not come easy you know. You can resume checking back often because I plan on making lots of posts. Since my last post I’m Still Here I have been traveling the country and working as support for the Color Run TM as part of […]

I’m still here 1

Do you remember the movie I’m Still Here with Joaquin Phoenix, gosh it sucked. That’s not what I’m here to post about, so I’m still here living in Thornton and doing contract work for Human Movement which if you’re wondering I absolutly love it. I just wrapped up week one of Denver Oktoberfest and I will […]

I'm Still Here

New York City

What’s up with Flip 2

Hey folks, sorry for slacking on the blog posts. After Chicago I spent almost two weeks in Sandusky and decided to go back to Denver. After I booked my flight home while I was still chilling out in Sandusky the potential for a new contract job was offered to me. I snuck home to Denver […]

Welcome to the North Coast, Sandusky, Ohio

Have you ever said to yourself, “I’d really like to go visit Sandusky Ohio”, No? Me neither and if you have I’m guessing you’re a big fan of Tommy Boy and want to visit Callahan Auto Parts, it doesn’t exist believe me I looked. Now if you’ve never said that I’m here to show you why it […]

Lake Erie Sunset

Chicago Buildings

Chicago Made Easy 2

Travel shows like Drinking Made Easy, The Layover and No Reservations are a great inspiration for places to visit that may not be on the typical tourist’s agenda. This is my attempt at making a one day itinerary in Chicago without all of the gross shit that Bourdain eats. I try to hide it but I am […]