Renewed Efforts 2

Flip Zion NPI’m baaaack! Mostly because of my friend Whitney K. of the Beau Collective, she inspired me to get posting again and set a goal for the next year of FlipOuting. I’ll be working to produce more content and the official goal is at least two posts per month for the next year.

Since my last post in October 2013 a lot has happened in my life, the biggest thing professionally was ending my time of simple living/shedding responsibility to step back in to what I’m best at, planning and executing marketing and events. Since moving from Denver to Park City to work with CooperWynn events I’ve been working more on the backend of events, planning, booking subcontractors, marketing and execution, it’s been a great change and really fulfilling to step back in to more impactful work and take on roles with more responsibility outside of event day labor. All of these changes allow me to have more balance between my working hours and leisure time.

On the leisure travel side of live I’ve been busy since my break from FlipOuting I’ve traveled to Frankfurt, Seoul, Nepal, India, Thailand and Tokyo and a bunch of cool domestic travels as well. I’ll have posts coming up to recap those travels as well as my upcoming travels planned for Costa Rica and Panama.

Thats it for now, thanks to everyone who keeps up with FlipOuting, it’s such a fun outlet and I love being able to share my adventures with you.



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