Oh Hey! It’s been a while. 1

Hey Y’all!

When the leisure travel ends and work begins it’s pretty tough to find time to get posting and for that I am sorry.

Here’s a quick update of what’s new in the world of flipouting.com. I’m working lots of contract jobs with a few different 5K races, traveling around the country and putting on great events and making people happy, it’s a fantastic job.

My big announcement is that my next epic adventure will be in South America, specifically Brazil. Why Brazil you ask? Well first it’s a massive country to explore just a little smaller in area than the United States, second the World Cup will be held there in June-July of 2014 (bucket list item) and third there are lots of beautiful women there as seen here Brazil’s Top 10 most Beautiful Models. My current plan is to find a city that I like and stay there for a month or two before moving on to the next so that I can learn lots about the city and hopefully try to learn some Portuguese, I want to explore other countries but I’d like to focus on Brazil.

Another adventure that is in the works is a trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico with my dad sometime this summer. He had the idea and I’m aways up for an adventure. I heard about Copper Canyon when I read Born to Run a book that talks about the native Tarahumara people and their superhuman running distances.

That’s about it. Stay thirsty my friends.


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One thought on “Oh Hey! It’s been a while.

  • Rodolfo Chavez Sr.

    I was elated to see your new post where you updated us on your plans. Your job does truly sound fantastic, you must have inherited my traveling genes. Your big announcement to Brazil doesn’t surprise me, given your adventurous spirit. Always Keep your bucket list at the forefront of your priorities, in that manner your travel plans will always have a priority in your life. As time draws closer to your South American trip… perhaps I can join you for part of your trip, you never know.
    The Copper Canyon Trip now is on both of our calenders for early July. As that time draws near we will coordinate the final arrangements. Staying Thirsty I remain. Pa