Motorcycling to The Land of Enchantment 2

I started my motorcycle road trip today (7/10/2012) and I learned a lot about long motorcycle road trips here is my breakdown. First, grooved pavement is not cool for motorcycles, I felt like my bike was on drunken auto-pilot, no one prepared me for that one. Second semis produce an awful wave of wind that is also not cool I knew that was coming but it still sucked. My hands and ass are still regaining feeling from the vibrations of the bike all day. Why did no one tell me that solo long haul bike trips are not easy, alright maybe a few people told me but I decided to take this trip anyway.

Hooper, Colorado

Hooper, Colorado

There was one thing that would make me smile every time it happened… the motorcycle wave. The motorcycle wave is a motorcyclist greeting where when passing you put your left arm down and give a small wave. Every time I got the motorcycle wave I would giggle and smile, it felt like I fooled all of the bikers and snuck into their gang by buying an old Honda and hitting the road. The best motorcycle wave of the day was one guy who lifted up both arms above his head and shouted as I passed.

This evening we went to The Buffalo Thunder Casino to meet with some friends, hit the hot tub and do a little gambling. His friends love the idea of my trip and Genie shared about a solo VW Van road trip similar to my travels, the hot tub was great after the day’s ride and I won $110 playing black jack.

After todays grueling ride I’ve decided to take a day off and hang out with my dad in Espanola, NM tomorrow and see what the area has to offer. I think we’re going to visit the hot springs and check out some scenic drives.

Trip Stats
Miles: 347
MPG: 39.86
Trip Time: 8 hours
Gas Stops: 6
Bugs Killed: Too many to count
Sunburns: 3 (Neck and wrists)


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