Late Night Chicago: How to Get Kicked Out of a Bar 1

2AM LAST CALL! Which translates to go home, go get food or move on to a 4am bar and keep drinking. Our group decided that 2am was too early and we needed more drinks so the search began for our next bar.

Stop one was just down the block in Old Town, a shitty looking place called Burton Place, the line was across the street and filled with some rather douchey looking fellows so we made the decision to bail.

Bar two was the Hangge Uppe, it looked like a cool spot where the sign has not changed in 40 years and I was very curious to see what the inside had to offer but after a minute or two of waiting we left in search of a shorter line.

Boss Bar Chicago

The scene of the incident.

Bar three was Boss Bar. This place was just right it had a short line and a cool crowd, although most were guys which will come into play in a second. Within about 5 minutes of being there I promptly get kicked out for taking Maria’s advice to use the vacant women’s bathroom rather than stand in line because there were so many dudes there. The large bouncer was waiting for me as I exited the bathroom and he escorted me out the back door, I went along very cooperatively, apologized and thanked him for being nice about kicking me out. My kind demeanor paid off and just as fast as he kicked me out he walked me back to the front of the line and let me back in, score one for the nice guys. After what seemed like no time at all the lights were on full brightness and we had successfully shut down a 4am bar.

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  • Pa

    The journey would be incomplete if you had not been 86ed from bar if this was destined to happen, then the windy city it’s the ideal place for this scenario thanks for posting all aspects of your trip. The best is yet to come. Good luck.