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Toby was bummed at the moment but he was a trooper and was snorkeling in a sling just 10 days later.

Toby was bummed at the moment but he was a trooper and was snorkeling in a sling just 10 days later.

My brothers and I agreed not to talk about this until after our return…During our SE Asia travels on December 24th Toby crashed on his motor scooter on our way to Pai in Northern Thailand, it was nothing life threatening but he did break his clavicle (collar bone) and had to be treated at the local emergency room, Rodolfo also fell on his motor scooter as well but he was just a little bumped and bruised. Lucky for us, healthcare in Thailand is incredibly affordable and Toby’s ER visit complete with doctor visit, x-rays, sling and pain meds was $14 dollars, a week later his check up at a private hospital in Bangkok was $140 but about $90 of that was medication (mostly calcium pills). We were not adequately prepared but we were lucky. I travel with an accident plan that has world wide coverage but there is much more that should be done.

Toby Fracture

I was asked to stop taking photos after this one.

Heres my list of stuff you dont want to think about but should really plan for.

1. Starting with the worst, Death. Do you have a will? It’s super easy to get one done. LegalZoom has one for $69 or DIY Documents has a free one. Follow all of the steps and you will be prepared for the worst. It’s kinda funny that preparing for dying is the easy one, this can be done in an hour.

2. Severe Injury and international medical transport. Here things get tricky, international medical transport can be very costly so it is important to have adequate insurance coverage.

3. Minor injury and local treatment. Do your research on your destination and plan accordingly. Here’s a simple example, there is no vaccene for dengue fever and it can put you in the hospital for a few days from just one infected mosquito bite.

4. Inoculations  Most insurance will cover preventative care such as inoculations for most things (Japanese Encephalitis was not covered by my old insurance).  For those of us who are uninsured you can find cheaper prices at local clinics but plan on waiting and being humbled by the experience.

That’s all I’ve got. I’m sure there is more but I think this covers the major stuff. Thanks to my brother Rodolfo Chavez, a licensed insurance agent, for his input on the insurance aspects of this article. If you want more info he can be contacted through

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