Goodbye Crop Duster

Pictured above, Andrew W.K. and his motorcycle pal.

You always remember your first so it is with a heavy heart I sold the Crop Duster yesterday. It was a fabulous piece of machinery but it was time for us to part ways mainly because I don’t feel like riding the 2200 miles to Chicago, Ohio and beyond also I don’t think the midwest can compare to the amazing roads along the California coast plus I don’t have many friends between PDX and CHI, see there are lots of reasons. I posted it up for sale on Craigslist and within three days I had a buyer at my door, a scruffy gentleman that resembled Andrew W.K. but I suspect that he couldn’t party as hard. I think we both got a fair deal, I bought it for $1000 used it for a month then sold it with a few minor issues for $900. His motorcycle consultant seemed confident that he could fix the small issues that it had for a couple hundred dollars and bring it back to its former glory. Right after we exchanged cash for title his pal proceded to drop the bike, bahahah!

I estimate with tax, registration, fuel and purchase/sale price, I spent about $500 to travel around 2200 miles to 13 cities (Not including anything but travel of course).

Next up I want one of these, a Harley 1200 Nightster.

Harley Nightster

Harley Nightster 1200

Here’s a custom version from Roland Sands Design.Custom Harley
Flip Out

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