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Who is Flip Chavez

Well, when I was a young man I thought the moon loved me because it was almost always following me and I still do. I’m a lot of things, aspiring amateur baristo, lover of unicorns, aspirin engraver, photographer, oxford comma fan, Colorado native, marketer, human, Costa Rica immigration threat, and Cougar bait.

[superquote]About 15% of this description is phoney. It is only logical to say that it makes me a phony, on the contrary I’m as real as it gets.[/superquote]

Marketing Professional

I’ve had a passion for marketing for quite some time because I love the psychology of creating a drive to act on and and the creative element. I worked my way up at Vail Resorts for nearly 5 years and I left as the Season Pass Marketing Manager and I was very proud to be a part of a small core team that drove millions of dollars in sales. After a lot of thinking I decided it was time to leave my job and take a leap to the unknown and see if a net appears or if I fall flat on my face.


I’m currently working on my masters in marketing at the University Of Colorado at Denver, I’d hoped to have it completed by the time I turn 30 but that is not looking good since I turn 30 in September of 2012. I hope to eventually finish my masters and go on to get my Ph.D like my pops and become a professor and pass on my knowledge to the next generation of marketers.  I’ve been inspired by so many of my professors that were not career professors and just teaching part time to give something back, I want to do that.

Son & Brother

My parents Magdelene & Rudy are so very supportive of almost everything I do, the exceptions are tattoos and motorcycles. My two older brothers Rodolfo and Toby are my two best friends and we also run one of my side business together, Grand Photo Booth Company out of Denver, Colorado.

That is me in a nutshell.