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Angkor Wat Moat

The Kingdom of Cambodia 3

(Updated January 11, 2013 with photos) My site is still a little buggy after the great crash of 2012. I will update soon with some photos and links to illustrate the story but for now here is just the story.  Cambodia, Cambodia, Cambodia, what can I say… well Phnom Penh was just too much for […]


Vietnam, you don’t know you weren’t there man 9

Going from The Peoples Republic of China to The Socialist Republic of Vietnam was like going to an entirely new country because… well it was a new country. Warm weather, fresh home brew for 20 cents and countless people hassling me to buy stuff, eat at their restaurant or go places on their motor bike. Entering Hà […]

In Case of Zombie Apocalypse in China

There I was standing on the street in Nanning, China waiting for the number 6 bus to take me back to the hostel and BAM! some dude running to his bus stomps in the huge puddle right next to me and I’m splashed with a generous amount of murky rainwater that has been stewing in a garbage filled planter […]

1.4 Billion potential zombies.

Thanksgiving in Shanghai 1

After more sight seeing in Beijing we left on an overnight bullet train to Shanghai, around 8 hours to travel 800 miles. The weather in Shanghai was was overcast almost everyday but we were happy because the temperatures were much warmer than chilly Beijing. We were still overcoming a near terminal case of jetlag where […]

Sunny Shanghai Skyline