Flip Chavez

About FlipOuting.com

The Short Verson: I’m Flip. I quit my job to travel and do cool shit and I like using profanity in my blog.

This is my blog chronicling my life, in 2012 I quit my comfy corporate job to travel and pursue new opportunities and it has lead me to some amazing places. Since starting this site I’ve taken some amazing travel adventures and I moved my career path from the mountain resort industry to the event production world. The main topics I cover are travel, work, marketing/events, motorcycles and mayhem.

Why you should care

Hopefully I can help inspire you to get out and do something different or at least I hope this blog helps to kill some time in your cubicle if you are reading at work.

Flip on a Scooter

My goal for this website

I want to be transparent in my successes and failures and share my journeys. Finally I hope to become a better writer. I’ve already failed at consistently posting but hey that’s life. I’m renewing my efforts to make more posts in 2015.

About you

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